Mission Statement

In July of 1991 the mission statement for the USS Hudson Bay was created.

The USS Hudson Bay is a social organization of Science Fiction enthusiasts whose primary goal is the realization of the optimism expressed in the Star Trek philosophy.

We believe that we, as individuals and as a group, have the ability to ensure the survival and advancement of humanity through the 24th century and beyond.

We believe that this will be achieved through improvements in human relationships, knowledge, technology, and environmental care.

We believe in the philosophy of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, that not only should we tolerate our differences but rejoice in them, learn from them and recognize that this learning is fundamental to our advancement.

We believe in sharing fun and fellowship and that by sharing we can effect change.

We believe that change is always possible. We can achieve anything we can imagine.

We believe that these goals can be realized by contributions to charitable works,through donations of money, goods and services; by participation in activities which reflect our increasing concern for our environment; by promotion of healthy lifestyles; by education about and promotion of space exploration and other technologies; by the organization of social activities which nourish imagination, relationships and the enjoyment of life; and by mutual support leading to the advancement of the individual.

We believe that in a sometimes bleak and hostile world, there is hope!